Whyku (and Rant) Wednesday– Lady Gaga

Wha-ah-aht the FUCK?

You mean she isn’t British??

(Is that a penis?)

Ok, and now for my Lady Gaga rant.

I was discussing Ms. Gaga with My Friend Kyle (MFK) the other day.  And I think we both came to the same conclusion that we just can’t embrace her and go all gay “gaga”.

Yes, we agreed there is talent there.  Her songs are catchy and well-written and she isn’t just some dumb Britney-esque dancing figurehead.  She can sing, write songs, and play musical instruments.  These are all big pluses.

And I freely admitted to MFK that by all rights I should be absolutely smitten with her because she is all about spectacle.  And me likey spectacle!!!  The outrageous costumes, the hair, the over-the-top performances… I should be shooting Bellagio-style fountains of jizz that spell out “GaGa”.

But I’m not.

And neither is he.

We can’t quite put our finger on it, either.  There is just something… unsavory about her.  But just by a titch.  Maybe there is just a fraction too MUCH spectacle?  (Can there be such a thing?)  Maybe she’s trying just a smidge too hard?  Maybe she is just too damn overexposed?

Maybe it’s the fact that I want to poke my brain out with something sharp every time I hear “Pokerface”?

Anyway, my current working theory is that it’s because she isn’t British.

She sorta looks British, and I feel she should be British– but she most definitely isn’t.  Christ, she sounds like a druggie from Queens when she talks.  But part of me feels I would more readily accept all that is Gaga if she were only…


Like if she had a cool British accent and were quirky and posh, I think- no, I KNOW- I would absolutely adore her!  And it would be totally acceptable, too, because it’s hip to like the foreign types and British musical artists have a certain ‘cachet’.

But unfortunately she’s American.  And because of this, I guess I just view her as a slightly more masculine version of Adam Lambert.  (Yeah.  Ewwww.)

All spectacle, no testicle. 

(Although I will admit I used the last of my iTunes gift card to download her latest earwig “Bad Romance”.)

Ra-ra  ah-ah-ahhh,  Ro-ma Ra-ma-mah, Ga-ga, Oh la la…

Yeah, that fucker’s in there to stay now.

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6 Responses to Whyku (and Rant) Wednesday– Lady Gaga

  1. I know what you mean. I think her vocal talents are amazing. Poker Face is on my iPod. But there is just something off about her. For me, I really do think it’s the costumes. It’s almost 2010. The costume-shock approach seems silly and dated to me.

  2. Thom says:

    But you just can’t get that “ga-ga-oh-la-la” to stop playing in your head, can you?

  3. Mark in DE says:

    Believe it or not, watching the AMA performance was my first time seeing Lady Gaga. I knew of her, but had never seen her perform. I’m not gaga over Gaga, but like you I see talent there.

  4. dirkmancuso says:

    Oh hell, I love the whole campy over the top “songs you can’t get out of your head and costumes you can’t get out of your nightmares” spectacle that is GaGa.

  5. kiki says:

    i agree, something about that bitch is just NASTY

  6. charlie says:

    to be perfectly honest someone i no owns a modleing agency and he has taken pictures of lady Gaga and he said its all a bunch of bull s*** that she has a penis but all i no is that she is fine 🙂

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