This weekend I planned on picking up the new Wii Sports Resort game.

I got it last night instead.

And let me just say, it is chock full of the awesome!

Now, I am not a hardcore gamer- I’m casual at best. And through trial and error I have discovered that I totally dislike those “storyline” games.

I just don’t have the patience to play those epic fuckers where you have to build up points and experience and shit and it takes DAYS to play.

Eff that ess.

But the sports games- yeah. Those I like. Short timeframe. Clear goal. Winners and losers.

Me likey!

And Sports Resort has all the cleverness and fun of the original Wii sports, only more sports and more FUNNER!

And the new “motionplus” controllers? Boy howdy they are fun!

I really noticed the difference during ping pong. I used to love to play ping pong, and this wii game mimics the spins and shots I used to do.

Top spin, back spin, slices, curves– I can put English on that damn ball like nobody’s business!

Another gem is the archery game. It is deceptively difficult and highly addictive. You actually mimic holding the bow and release of the arrow.

And the wakeboarding is a blast- doing jumps and tricks for points.

And frisbee dog is just cool. You aim for targets and the dog chases and catches the frisbee for points! It’s hard but adorable!

And the sword fighting? Sheer brilliance! I’m undefeated at it so far.

And there is so much more! Golf, frisbee golf, skydiving, slalom skiing, basketball, bowling, plane dogfights, etc.

If you have a Wii, and like the sports games, I highly recommend picking up a copy!

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8 Responses to Wii-tastic!

  1. Danger Ahead says:

    Does it work without the motion plus attachment? I’d been thinking about the game, but have been put off by the fact it will cost me an extra $90 (Australian) to buy attachments for my other three remotes.

  2. Jeff says:

    I’m glad you finally found someone to play with.

  3. truthspew says:

    I’ve been resisting picking up A Wii in general. Something about the name I guess. I love my 1st gen xbox and Grand Theft Auto games though.

  4. Ray Ray says:

    Boy Howdy, it’s great to see you’re makin’ use of the Sarah Palin Book of Handy Exclamatory Expressions! I saw the Wii Fit at Target yesterday and almost bought it…but we haven’t played the wii since we moved. This resort game sounds very cool. Might be just what the wii needs to be used again.

  5. Dustin says:

    I really love it, the unlockable minigames rock. Frisbee Gold I love!

  6. AjohnP says:

    I feel a shopping spree coming on…

  7. Tony says:

    I am so happy I never go one. Otherwise I would be spending money I don’t have on games.

    I have to admit, I used to really like the adventure games 20 years ago when the kid was a teenager and we used to have a Nintendo.

    As far as the Wii fit, I spend too much time at the gym as it is.

  8. sean says:

    Thanks! I never would have known/bought the game without your post but where was the heads up on the Miis? I was shocked to be seeing and playing, Michael Jackson both black and white, Jesus, Wolverine, Pumpkin Head and may others. I just posted about it, pics included.

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