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This weeks Bastard is a real Bitch

Wow! Some great captions this week, people! And it was difficult to choose a winner. I just KNEW the “dollys box” thing was going to be juicy– heh heh heh. 2nd runner up was DamienNZ with dolly refusing Jeffy access … Continue reading

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Go Cavies!! SPLOOIE!!

Yes, kiddies, it’s that time of year again. Drum & Bugle Corps Season!!! The summer music games officially kick off this Friday and as always I’m pee-my-pants excited. And what has me UBER excited is the fact that I get … Continue reading

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Favorite Paris Photos

Here are three of my favorite photos that I snapped while in Paris:

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Condo Fever

And I’ve caught it. Dis donc- I got my apartment rental renewal notice under my door yesterday. My rent is staying the same and they want to keep me on. I think there may even be incentives involved if I … Continue reading

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As you know, I like to play Volleyball. It’s my favorite team sport to participate in, and recently I’ve been playing every week. Monday nights are the “good” volleyball night, but I’m usually at band rehearsal so I can’t attend. … Continue reading

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Fuck You, Targhetto!

I had a wholly unsatisfying Target shopping experience. To kill time before volleyball, I thought I might run into the nearby Target store for some essentials. Mistake. First of all, I nearly rear-ended a car turning into the lot. They … Continue reading

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Weather, Wii, and Wickedness

This was a pretty good weekend all things considered. The weather was incomparable. Upper seventies on Saturday. Lower eighties on Sunday. Utter gorgeousness. I did the farmers market on Saturday for the first time this year. Got a French baguette … Continue reading

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Li’l Bastard Comix (autoerotic asphyxiation edition)

Here they come to save the daaaay! Caption the last or I’ll be dismaaaayed! (rhyme fail)

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Who’s a Hot Bastard?

Heat is a hot bastard. Although props go to Wally for the shot eating grins comment, I went with a comment that pokes fun at fat dolly:

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Apple, I Love Thee…

… And yet thou hath pissethed me off. How dareth you develop an even better iPhone, and then denyeth it to thine most noble and loyal customers? Yea verily I still loveth mine 16 Gig pristine alabaster beauty. It beith … Continue reading

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