Drum Beauty…

That was the name for the Drum and Bugle Corps show that I saw in Stillwater on Saturday night.

Kind of a lame name… but a good night!

This is still very early in the season– technically this was only the second show for these corps.  And as the first show was rained out… well, we got to see the debuts!

My Cavaliers came  away with the 1st place trophy and really were the best of the night.  Even Kyle said so… with almost no coaching on my part!  And what was even MORE of ‘teh awesome’, we got to hear the Cavaliers show again, as they did a standfast performance while the judges tabulated the results.  Major Squeeeee!!!

I’m now going to subject you to photographs and narrative:

Minnesota Brass

This is the Minnesota Brass.  They are a senior corps based in Saint Paul.  I could actually audition and march with them (as they have no age limit).  And let me tell you… they’re damn good!  I was completely impressed by them.  They did a difficult show of jazz music and they rocked the house.

Racine Colorguard

Anyone who truly knows me knows that I am tickled by heavy colorguard girls.  And this one in particular was hoofing it up during a desultory “Harlem Nocturne” number.  “Hoofing” being the operative word here.

Racine Colorguard 2

Seriously, this number was so painful it made my heart hurt.  And the boobs… my god!  The boobs!

Spirit and Balloons

One of the cool things was that it was so calm on Saturday evening that there were hot air balloons floating above the stadium.  They got to see Spirit of JSU perform.

Madison Scouts

Here’s the Madison Scouts looking all dashing.  One of two all-male drum and bugle corps in existence.  My Cavaliers are the other one.  I am really hoping that Madison can improve their show and really crank it up– I miss them being in the upper eschelon.

Blue Stars

Here are the Blue Stars with their props of tables and sewing machines.  Their show was called “Factory” as was meant to symbolize the industry surrounding WWII.  It mostly worked.

Phantom Regiment

Oooo, Phantom Regiment in their wintery white uniforms… and the Drum Major in all black.  Look at all those asses packed into the tighty whiteys!!!  Mmmmm!  And Phantom’s hornline can PLAY!

Cavaliers 1

Ah yes.  And here are my Cavaliers.  They totally rock!  The theme this year is “The Great Divide” and the colorguard are dressed as mountaineers.  With rope and everything.

Cavaliers 2

This is a shot from the standfast performance that they played after the show.  Their music is really good this year (Adams, Ginastera, De Meij, and Debussy) and they sound incredible.  And look at all the contras!!!  16 of ’em!!

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the competition and can’t wait to see how the season progresses for these corps.  Go Cavies!!!

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8 Responses to Drum Beauty…

  1. Dr. Russ says:

    Those girls will lose about 1/4 of their body fat during the season. You have to remember, it was the first show. I was always amazed that some of larger people didn’t have heart attacks with the strenuous nature of the season in summer heat.

  2. kyle says:

    for the record, the girls didn’t make that show suck – the music sucked. it was some of the most lifeless music ever performed (not the way the tunes were written, the performance by the corp sucked cb’s ass after a plate of eggs, sausage and cheese at Maria’s! )

    the colorguard just provided the only distraction from the horror of the bad playing.

    oh, and that factory set up – DISTRACTING and completely pointless – they used the ‘sewing machines’ all of about a minute and never even touched the clothing lines in the back 40.

    that said, the cavaliers were head and shoulders above the rest – the single best thing about the night.

  3. Ray Ray says:

    Glad to receive my weekly dose of geek. Thanks!

  4. A Lewis says:

    Oh please, you’re just jealous that you don’t have nice boobs to show off while you run around.

  5. And to think, you stayed in my house….

  6. Rich says:

    I have six more weeks until I see my first show. Thanks for the preview. What a relief to be able to open about being a geek for the next two months…it’s been a long winter. 🙂

  7. penny says:

    My most wonderful summers was when I was in the Patriots Drum and Bugle Corp in my hometown. We practiced and traveled it was great! I have to say the Phantom’s are killin’ it with their uniforms. Very, very, fucking sharp!!!

  8. Marc says:

    Seems you had much better seats than we did. Our “premium” seats were on the 20 yard line on side 1.

    I felt bad for those Racine Scout kids. Why don’t they just merge with the Pioneers?? Surely there are some adults clinging to the Oldest Corps in Existence thing, blah blah blah, but come ON. Still, it takes balls to get out there like that.

    Same for the Governaires – although I marched with their DM in the 1980s in Madison and DAMN was he hot, so it was good to see him out there hamming it up.

    Cavaliers kicked early season ass in a BIG way. Very cool show and excellent music. Without even seeing BD and HNC I want them to win. The guard made liars out of anyone who says you can’t be clean in June. Something about the guard unis made me think of codpieces and Mission Accomplished, though.

    Blue Stars – WHY are you not wearing the old unis?? WHY do you have to dress up in the same TIRED ASS Michael Cesario crap as everyone else?? I for one would like you so much better if you looked at least a little like your old selves.

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