There’s a New Bastard in Town…

… And he’s feelin’ good! With a smile and a song for the neighborhood.”

Ok, so I suck at quoting “Alice” lyrics– gimme a break, I sho’ deserve it!

The winner this week is: the Electronic Replicant! Mainly for his insightful comment on hair coloring.

Gotta love genetics!

About cb

Nickname: Munt Measurements: 45 B, 34, 38(?) Ambition: to be the best human ever! Turn ons: long walks on the beach, romantic dinners, porn, rainbows, cock Turn offs: bad smell face, men who are full of themselves, dead puppies, popcorn, sadness
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3 Responses to There’s a New Bastard in Town…

  1. A Lewis says:

    There’s a new girl in town….hum hum hummmmmm

  2. That is hilarious. Very much deserved win.

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