Sarah Palin Jokes: submit yer own!

After hearing a completely TASTELESS joke about Sarah Palin yesterday (and then shamelessly posting it), I got to thinking– I want MORE!

There’s gotta be some doozies out there, right?

And I was trying to come up with my own, too.  So I’ll get the ball rolling, but I want y’all to contribute ones that you made up or have heard.  Let’s Rock the Joke!

Keep your eye on the target:

What’s the difference between a Hockey Mom and a Pit Bull?

You can legally euthanize a Pit Bull.


What’s the difference between Sarah Palin and an malignant tumor?



What’s the difference between Saran Palin and a box of rocks?

About 30 IQ points and a red blazer.


In her recent stump speeches, Govenor Palin has been reaching out to a new “Joe” in small-town real America…

… Joe “Nieman Marcus”.

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33 Responses to Sarah Palin Jokes: submit yer own!

  1. Kerry says:

    What’s the difference between Sarah Palin’s mouth and vagina?

    Not everything that comes out of her vagina is retarded…

  2. Chris says:

    Already submitted mine… although someone tried submitting it a second time…. hmmmm

  3. Chris says:

    Why did Sara Palin cross the road?

    So she could see China

  4. bearpupuk says:

    The scariest, most tasteless joke of all…

    Sarah Palin could be the next vice president of the USA.

    Nuff Sed

  5. Saw this somewhere don’t remember where:
    I can see the moon from my front yard, does that make me an astronaut?

  6. romach says:

    I think her shameless self promotion will eventually be her own downfall.

  7. CuongUSA says:

    Sarah Palin alot better than Barack Hussien Obama, this guy come form NO where!What did he do ?Even by his name I don’t know ?Even tax_cut : $250,000? 200,000,150,000 or $120,000 ? American why don’t you support your American ? (I ‘m not American but made in USA)You are so HATE FULL for no reson,just becuase you support Hussien Obama,then you talk so funy and dirty,why do you do that to your own America ?I’m fellinf so sorry for America.

  8. CuongUSA says:

    American ! agian I’m not form USA but made in USA, This’s my 2nd. country I’m Love this Country , at my country we don’t have Freedoom to vote like The USA, but I’m sorry for the way you are vote for Hussien Obama , then you talk so dirty to you own people , American WAKE UP , you have to vote for the one is real America , the one you know what he/she done the pass ,who are they stand for!Not what they said or they are Dems. or Rep.So you can sure what they said then they will do !

  9. CuongUSA says:

    Mr. John Mc.Cain all of his life for his country USA. He,s the Hero of USA and The world Freedoom.I dont understand ,how can you Support Barrack Hussien Obama??? Their name and what they did ,can tell you Who’s loving this country ,I’m so sorry for you.
    Good luck American Nov.4 , God bless America

  10. Ike says:

    The biggest joke is that Sarah Palin could possibly the next president of the USA! Mccaine’s 72, a couple of months from a heart attack…….. maybe even hours! Now that’s totally scarry.

  11. Ike says:

    And have you noticed that he looks and sounds like a chipmunk?

  12. Maria says:

    The joke would be if this woman would end up on as the Commander-in-Chief of the most powerful army on the world.

  13. Gail says:

    Latest poll update: Obama lost the black vote – he promiseed them jobs.

  14. American says:

    This is for Cuong – try getting an education prior to spouting ignorant statements about our candidates. Take the time to do some research. You are clearly showing how stupid you really are!

  15. LeezeWheeze says:

    Here’s my joke:


  16. Savannah says:

    Why can’t Cuong speak his mind too? This is America!! It seems no one can criticize Obama without being thought of as a total moron. I would like to know exactly WHY he is considered to be so wonderful!? What has he done for YOU!!! How has he made YOUR life better!? John McCain has made your life better by serving in the military and NOT taking the easy way out. It seems anyone with anything negative toward Obama is (very discreetly) basically banned from speaking about him at all (as in the media). McCain and Palin have taken tons of punches in the media & they seem to be able to take it!! Why is Obama such a “thin skinned” baby when it comes to anyone criticizing him? Does he think that being the President of the United States is all about everyone loving him!!?? I can tell you this American won’t. I want to see Obama spread around the huge salary his wife makes!! Come on Obama – share the wealth and why don’t you start with your own!! Anyone that goes to Harvard Law School can’t be that poor!!!!

  17. Justin says:

    LOVE the post by Gail!! So True!

  18. Becca says:

    Not my own but have to share:

    Did you hear they’re already making a Sarah Palin Barbie doll? It’s true – and she comes with $150,000 worth of accessories.

  19. Tox says:

    The joke will be on the families who pay into taxes so others can sit home and collect more welfare.

    So glad that Obama will be able to share that wealth!

    Sorry, just the other point of view

  20. kyle says:

    i cant believe you would post such an evil hateful joke – you must be a communist. you america hater! sarah pailin is a true patriot and you will rregret the days you made fun of her.
    she is more of a real american than you will ever be you socialist pig. woman hater to i bet!

    • Liz says:

      LMAO! I am a woman, and I can’t stand Sarah Palin’s dumb ass. Everything that comes out of that woman’s mouth is pure bullsh*t and ignorance. If you think that she is the future of this country and a “true patriot”, then there is something seriously wrong with you as well. Move to Alaska and live under her governance if you love her so much. The rest of us prefer to live in peace.

  21. 42 says:

    You’re terrible, Muriel.

    Conservatards would make me laugh even harder if I thought they were just fucking with me, but they’re not that smart. HUSSEIN HUSSEIN HUSSEIN HUSSEIN HUSSEIN HUSSEIN HUSSEIN HUSSEIN HUSSEIN HUSSEIN HUSSEIN HUSSEIN HUSSEIN HUSSEIN HUSSEIN HUSSEIN HUSSEIN HUSSEIN HUSSEIN HUSSEIN HUSSEIN HUSSEIN HUSSEIN HUSSEIN HUSSEIN HUSSEIN HUSSEIN. Right, Mama Obama gave him that middle name on purpose. Idiots.

  22. cynthia says:

    If anyone made jokes like that about hussein obama they’d be called racist. Where do you suppose he gets all his funding. Hamas and the likes want him in office so they have a puppet in what was once the strongest nation in the world.

  23. cb says:

    Personally I can’t WAIT to vote a faggot-lovin’, baby-killin’, tax-raisin’, one man terrorist cell into the office of Prezident of the Untided States of Amerika!

  24. rb says:

    Hey cb why dont you pray to your invisible man in the sky to make McCain president.while youre at it how about some brains for palin the bobblehead

  25. American says:

    Everybody in America has the right to speak their mind. Ever hear of the Constitution? All I am saying is get the facts. We DO know where he is from. And get his name right. It shows ignorance when people do not do research and just spout out stupid comments…

  26. Terry Tyller says:

    According to, golfer John Daly now says that whole incident at a North Carolina Hooters could have been avoided if only his friends had known that when he’s tired, stressed and drunk he tends to sleep with eyes open. Sort of like someone in a coma. Upon hearing this former Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin admitted that she to suffers from the same affliction. In fact, she confessed that she was asleep during the entire Katie Couric interview

  27. anotherDeadBaby says:

    A week after finding out she was pregnant, Bristol Palin received a call from her doctor.

    He called her to tell her that he was talking with colleagues, and that they came with a “natural” alternative for her.

    The alternative was to have her mother, Sarah Palin to talk to the baby at least once a week for the until the big day and there would be a 95% chance that Bristol would have a miscarriage.

  28. alex says: FREE DVD

    Who is your fav character in the film ?

  29. Kevin MacDougall says:

    • Kevin MacDougall says:

      I have been doing stand-up for three years. This is the crowd favorite that I end all my sets with. It is also my personal favorite as my dad did say this.

  30. Q. Why is Sarah Palin always smiling?

    A. Because even though she sas nothing to say, she enjoys saying it.

  31. Chris says:

    Sarah Palin is like a Harley Davidson, the only person that really wants to hear it making noise is the person riding it.

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