Quantum of Soul Bass

(Bass refers to the instrument, not the fish… it works better with the pun title of the post that way).

I really got nothing today.  Seriously.  I’m fresh out.  Tapped.  Just “biden” my time until the debates tonight and Li’l Bastard Comix friday.  Not that I’ll watch the debates, but my curiosity is piqued.

I’m excited for the new Bond film… although the title doesn’t exactly make me want to rush out to see it.  It’s a damn good thing the trailers look interesting enough.

And here is the new Bond song and video.  The video?  Meh.  However, I do think I like the song.  I likey all the little bond-esque nuances.  I’ll have to listen to it more (and NOT watch Jack White sing *shudder*).

Why they couldn’t get Jennifer Hudson to trot her hefty ass out and sing “And you, and you, and you… you’re gonna kill Meeeeeeeeee” for a goddamn theme I’ll never know.  Maybe next time.

Here’s a link to my post rating all of the Bond themes.  I made a mistake in the post when I rated “Die Another Day” ahead of “Goldeneye”.  Sorry about that.  Yeah, Madge… your theme kinda stinks.

I think I’d insert “You know my name” above madonna yet below Goldeneye.

This new theme?  I’ll have to think about where it gets inserted.  Heh.

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6 Responses to Quantum of Soul Bass

  1. Tony says:

    To me it sounds like something that wants to be a Bond theme, not an actual Bond theme. And I agree, Jennifer Hudson would have been a great choice if they had made the effort to find someone who could write a decent Bond theme song.

  2. madhouse6 says:

    i have no comment on your hatred for dia another day.

  3. cb says:

    “dia another day”?? is “dia” short for diarrhea??

  4. fendor says:

    I am tired of the Hud! They put her fat ass in the Sex and the City movie–why?? She had her 15 minutes of fame.NEXT…

  5. Chris says:

    Bond Bond Bond Bond….

    blah blah blah. same shit, different movie.

    When Daniel Craig beds a Bond Man, then we’ll see something that hasn’t been done and redone since Sean Connery’s days.

  6. romach says:

    They could have got Dame Shirley to do another one 🙂 Feather boas and all 😉

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