And now for the pictures…

This is my last post on Alaska. I won’t bore you with any more from the great white north. Here are some of the better pictures I managed to take with my little Sony camera.

All of these were shot in manual mode, and have not been cropped or corrected. I know some are a touch dark, but sometimes the colors are more representative that way. CLICK TO EMBIGGEN for their full gloriness.

Remember this was a National Geographic sponsored tour, hence my “creativity” with the camera and the amount of wildlife.

Not a great picture, but it’s the best picture I have of a mom (sow) bear and her cubs.  They are so effing cute you just wanna play dressup with ’em!

This is a Spruce Grouse that I managed to snap while on one of our rainy hikes in Denali.

This is a picture of Mount McKinley (Denali to the locals) that I shot while circling the mountain in a Cessna.  It was difficult to capture the majesty of the mountain- especially through a plane window– and this was my best attempt.

Another picture of “the mountain” as it is also known.  This time you get to see one of the large glacier fields too.

Ah, this is me being artsy-fartsy at “Reflection Pond” in Denali National Park.  The water was so still that it made for interesting reflection pictures.  At least this was representative of the evening up there.

Once again, a more “artistic” shot– me just playing around with the camera.  But I wanted to capture the fantastic light.  This was taken sometime after 10 at night, the sun was setting in the valley, and it was misting out.  Everything was tinged a rose-gold color.

Here’s me being all “Ansel Adamsy” at Wonder Lake in Denali.  I wish it hadn’t been as cloudy as it was that day, but since this was the first day it didn’t rain on us, I wasn’t complaining so very much.  This picture shows the Alaska Range and the lake (of course).

Yup- same range, just more reflections and artsy-ness.

I like this picture because the green of the mountains in the background sort of pops out at you.

There was supposed to be another Mount McKinley picture here, but I forgot to include it.  Maybe some other time.  It was one where I was trying to reproduce the famous shot of the mountain and wonder lake.  But the clouds weren’t cooperating much that day.  Plus I need to “fix” the image a bit I think.  Anyway…

This grizzly bear (a yearling) walked right past us while we were at Wonder Lake.  At a distance of maybe 15 yards.  But the bear was obviously nonplussed by our presence, so we just rolled with it and snapped some pics.

This grizzly bear sat in this spot nearly all day at Brooks Falls.  I thought he looked like he was in a jacuzzi– just like many other bears I’ve seen in jacuzzis!

Another bear shot, but this one was scratching his back.  I named him Baloo.  He was so damn adorable (or as adorable as an 8 foot tall furball of death can be.

I just threw this picture in because you can see a representation of the falls– AND you can see a salmon caught mid-jump.  Everyone was trying to get pictures of the fish trying to make it up the falls.

My father calls this the “money shot”.  I think it’s a pretty good picture and it was a very lucky shot.  I stood with my finger on the button for many minutes just waiting for a fish to jump by this bear.  Because it is near the end of the spawning cycle, there wasn’t as much fish activity.  This was just a lucky shot.

This is a reindeer shedding the velvet from his antlers.  I like the bloody beauty of it.

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15 Responses to And now for the pictures…

  1. Chris says:

    HOLY F’IN WOW! What GORGEOUS pictures! Your dad was right, that bear/salmon WAS a money shot. If I didn’t know better and know how well you handle your camera, I’d call foul on picking out a picture from National Geo!
    And if that first picture of McKinley doesn’t capture the full effect of the mountain, I’m not sure I could handle the full effect. it’s still beautiful!
    I know it was a rough trip, but I do hope you enjoyed it overall

  2. Shel says:

    My God – it looks so beautiful there…Wow!!! If the bears are hungry, I have a few people I would be perfectly willing to throw to them for dinner.

  3. kyle says:

    a) i’m jealous. i didn’t see any bears whilst in alaska (tho’ i did see bear tracks in camp one night which freaked the fuck out everyone).
    b) these are amazing, but where’s the bear balls pic?
    c) love the shots of denali. really nice.
    d) my favorite line tho’: “8 foot tall furball of death”

    we are so using that in the bar sometime.

  4. deadrobot says:

    I’m using the Money Shot for my wallpaper, thank you very much mister man!

    Beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing!

  5. bstewart23 says:

    I think I shed some velvet myself, earlier this morning.

    Seriously, those are awesome photos. I want to go to Alaska now.

  6. romach says:

    You got some really beautiful photos there buddy. Its definitely the kind of break I would like. 🙂

  7. Alex says:

    Thanks for sharing those gawwwwjus pics! If I didn’t hate cold so much, your pictures would make me book a trip myself. And, we have plenty of those “8 foot tall furballs of death” (love that phrase) in Idaho, so I can get mauled right here at home… Now, when are you going to Tahiti?!

  8. Jeremy says:

    Really great pics! The first one of Wonder Lake remind me of a wall mural my folks put in my bedroom when I was a kid.

  9. Mark in DE says:

    These are really, really great! I bet some of these could win some amateur photo contests. You should give it a try.

    Mark 🙂

  10. sorted says:

    great pics – glad you shared. I pulled out my photos from years back — still beautiful.

  11. doreus says:

    Catching the majesty of mountains on pictures — even the best — is a challenge… Nothing compares to being there, right next to them (or on them) and feeling what it is to be there in the true majesty of nature. A mountain is an experience (says the guy who drove through the Rockies yesterday for the third time this summer and is still awed; pics are coming). This being said, you did a great job with Denali; it shines majestic!

    And the bears… It’s somehow difficult to remember that they are indeed “furballs of death”.

    And stop demeaning the “artsy-fartsy”. It’s that artistic sensibility in you that gives you the ability to give us such wonderful images.

  12. joe to hell says:

    perdy! i had no idea

  13. Suebob says:

    Gorgeous shots.

  14. CJ says:

    Beautiful pictures CB. Glad you didn’t get eaten out by a bear.

  15. Ray Ray says:

    I think bears are the most beautiful creatures on the planet. You got some great pics of them!

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