Surprise Bike Race

As I approached my apartment building in downtown Saint Paul yesterday, I noticed that traffic was a bit… off.

“Crazy” would also describe it.

When I got within 4 blocks of my parking garage, there were buses and trailers and vans and people who were trying to turn the wrong way on One Way streets.  It was absolutely mad.  And then when I get to the street my parking deck is on… its completely blocked off.

In the immortal words of Kelly, “What the hell???”

I had to sweet talk a policeman into moving the barricade so that I could get to my deck’s entrance.  Thankfully I only had to set my smile on “stun” and before I knew it I was through.

At first I kept thinking- there is some sort of terrorist activity or a huge fire or something.  But then why would they let me through, right?

When I walked out of my parking deck, this is what I see:

A goddamn bike race.

Evidently there was some sort of big criterion bike race through the streets of Saint Paul yesterday– completely unbeknownst to me!  I don’t recall seeing any fliers or notices about it, or even hearing anyone talk about it for that matter.  Nothing.

The race went right in front of my building and had all the streets in my area completely blocked off.  I even had to run across the “race course” in order to get to my apartment building.

The worst part is that it stormed like crazy yesterday.  Tons of rain, lightning, wind, etc rolled through in waves yesterday.  When I snapped these biking pictures, it was raining pretty hard.  I actually felt sorry for the bikers.

Wet lycra and road rash.  Ew.

The streets in Lowertown Saint Paul are fairly crappy to begin with, but you add a bit of rain and they become positively treacherous.  I can’t believe they were trying to take corners on those skinny tires on wet pavement!

Hmmm- perhaps I could get behind this bike racing stuff…

The photo above I snapped after they “neutralized” one of the men’s races.  It was starting to rain again at this point (this is after I went to the gym and was walking home).  Evidently there had been a big accident on one of the corners where even one of the chase motorcycles went down!

So they stopped all the racers at the starting line and “neutralized” the race for a restart.  Too crazy.

You can almost smell the bike seats, can’t you?

By 8:30pm or so, everything was done, and magically everything just disappeared.  All the tents, barricades, fencing… gone!  Like the whole thing never happened.

Have I mentioned lately how much I enjoy living here? 

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5 Responses to Surprise Bike Race

  1. romach says:

    So were there big willies flopping away in all the Lycras then?

  2. javabear says:

    Did you read the newspaper? I’ll bet there was something in the paper, maybe the sports section, about the bike race. How could you have missed it??

    There is a circuit of small town bike races around this region every spring. I live in a very small city (bigger than a town, I think) and they block off pretty much all of downtown (one whole block. The shock!) the evening of the race. It is fun to go downtown to watch those Lycra-encased super-bods pedal around in a big circle.

  3. Alex says:

    Three words for you…toned biker butts.

    We’d like to see your ‘stun’ smile setting!

  4. Gooster says:

    In-shape men in Lycra and you are complaining?

  5. Mark says:

    Sounds like you were ‘out of the loop’. How’d that happen?

    Mark 🙂

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