Answers and a Question

Adam and Kindra know about the blog.

*Le GASP!*

Ok, so I had already spilled about having a blog, and then made the decision to let them know the blog addy.  Given the timbre of yesterday’s post I figured one of four things would happen:

1) Adam would read it, be mortified, and that would be that.

2) Kindra would read it, be outraged by all the sicko comments, and that would be that.

3) They would read it and shrug it all off, but never read it again

4) Adam would pack up his drums and run away to Minneapolis where we would live happily ever after and I would abort tons of his mouth babies.

I’m KIDDING about that last one, you twisted fucks!  Geesh!  I mention developing a slight crush on a straight dude because we have a lot in common, and just look at the comments I get?  Always twisting something perfectly innocent into something perverted and naughty.

I never do that to you guys.

Anyway, why did I clue them into the Monologues?  They would have found it sooner or later as I’m adding a blog to which they contribute to my blog roll.  Besides, even if they read it just for the day it means increased readership for me.  And I’m a whore for more readership!

Well, I’m not sure how the whole thing will turn out, but Adam DID take umbrage with a few of the comments.  He wrote me to say:  he does NOT have a chin strap beard, he does not have a beer gut (despite the vast quantities of PBR), and he only has a partial sleeve tattoo on one arm.  Oh, and he’s very comfortably HETERO and loves his high school sweetheart Kindra, thank you very much.

So RG this means a “bro job” is off the table.  (although I am rather fond of that phrase!)

Just so you know a bit more too– Adam is a musician, too.  A drummer- who plays guitar and piano by ear (that BITCH!)  He was in some sort of Britney Spears cover band for awhile… joking!  It was some sort of rock/pop/electronica/metal/rap/jazz fusion group; I’m looking for recordings now.   And yeah, he even marched and played quads.

Evidently our realtor (aka my stalker) even commented on our uncanny similarity.  Its probably the whole ‘thwarted musician who sucks it up ever day to work for the man’ vibe.  (Oh, and Adam, if you are reading this– our realtor friend is super nice, but… well, go here for more insight). 

SPEAKING OF MUSIC (deft topic switch):

Ok.  I’m facing a bit of a dilemma.

As many of you know, I have been working on writing pieces for concert band.  About a year ago, we ‘test drove’ two of the pieces when I was still with the Durham Community Concert Band.  While they went decently, I was a bit disheartened because the band couldn’t sight read them well- and that was all the chance I got.  One sight read run-through.

I think the old band director resented me for writing music.

Well, I’ve done some tweaking on them (after upgrading my Sibelius program and computer) and I’m really liking them.  My dilemma?  Do I share them with the new band director up here and see about trying to get one of them on the concert for this May?

Why the fuck wouldn’t I share, right?

The problem:  The concert this May marks the 10th Anniversary celebration of the band.  We will even be doing a premier of a piece that the band commissioned (i.e. spent money on) specifically to mark the occasion.  Is it too pretentious of me to think my shetbag of a piece could be included?  Would it be completely lost in the shadow of the commissioned work?  Would it be viewed as ‘bad form’ to suggest having TWO new pieces on the program?

Thoughts on this?

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5 Responses to Answers and a Question

  1. Ron says:

    Awww, all of the commenting community’s irrational fantasies just went out the window. If it makes Adam feel better, I know I at least tend to sexualize everything with a penis, so it was nothing personal. (And suggesting he had a beer gut was far from an insult, too.)

    Hmm… I think you should avoid “interfering” with their big anniversary concert. I don’t doubt your musical ability, but I doubt the ability of those musicians (and the director) to graciously accept somebody new as well as a contributed piece of music this quickly and feel comfortable about that piece being part of their special event. Perhaps you can hold it over until the next “non-special” concert?

  2. Tony says:

    I say show it to your bandleader and get some feedback on it. If he likes it, it might be a better idea to try and get it on the schedule of the next seasons first performance.

  3. RG says:

    Adam, my apologies sir. As a community of gay men, we DO tend to put things in a sexually charged way via our comments, for shits and giggles, especially if some of us are friends. However, it is all meant in good fun. I however, never mentioned a chin-strap beard, nor a beer belly.

    So am I forgiven for the “Bro-Job” remark?

  4. RG says:

    Oh and CB, show your composition to the director. What’s the worst he could do, say no, maybe point and laugh a little? 😉 I think it would be so cool if the band played YOUR music! If they do, you better record it!

  5. Rich says:

    CB – no time like the present to start a new tradition. Would be very cool to have your music included in the concert.

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