The Divine Miss “L”

Its Annie.  Miss Lennox if you’re nasty.


La Diva graced us with her presence last night at the State Theater in downtown Minneapolis.  I should know; I was right there… front row 2nd balcony.

The show, in short, was bloody fantastic!  So was Annie’s opening act– a cute British bird named Carina Round.  She played an solo accoustic set with guitar and was like a blend of the Cranberries, The Sundays, The Indigo Girls, and Sinead O’Connor.  Or in short- a fresher K.T. Tunstall. 

As for Ms. Lennox, on the Diva Scale, I have to give her an 8.  I simply had to take off points because the bitch can NOT dance.  When she wasn’t doing robotic Evita arms, she mostly looked like a krumping epileptic.  Be that as it may, what she CAN do is sing.  AND play the piano.  And COMMAND a space.

Here’s a pic of the space:


Not too big, not too small- overall a nice, pretty theater for her to perform in.  It was packed with mostly thirty-somethings… and extremely gay-heavy.  Our seats were good, although for one of the very few times in my life, I found myself very envious of the front row people– wishing I was down there too actually witnessing the “performance”.

In case you were wondering, here’s a list of her set (thank Buddha for the notes feature on the iPhone):

Intro (The snow is dancing- Claude Debussy)

No More “I Love You’s”

Little Bird

Walking on Broken Glass

Pavement Cracks

Dark Road


Here Comes the Rain Again (self accompanyment on the piano)

1000 Beautiful Things (self accompanyment on the piano)

Sisters are Doin’ It for Themselves (self accompanyment on the piano)


There Must Be an Angel (funky version)

Ghost in my Machine

When the Morning Comes

Thorn In My Side

Sweet Dreams (edgy rock version)

Encore:  Sing



This is just a random shot of Annie– I think this particular one was taken during the song “Cold”– which was peformed VERY well, and was the one song that Tim wanted to hear above all others.  I’m very happy he got his wish (seeing as how he got me the ticket).

I really REALLY enjoyed seeing her in concert.  I’m not a huge concert-goer really; it always seems like a ton of money to spend to have overly amplified sound blasted at you.  But I’m very glad I opted to see this one.  I loved the semi-intimate venue and the sparse, no-nonsense staging.

Her self-accompanying on the piano for the three songs in the middle of the show was a great showcase moment.  It was very much a mini-cabaret with her chatting up the audience a bit.  She also had fun with the songs like slowing down “Here Comes the Rain Again” and turned it into a proper, heartfelt ballad.  And for “Sisters” she got funky on the keyboard and even finished off by playing the final note with her foot.

During “There Must Be an Angel” (my most disliked of all her songs) she started off very slow and cheeky with it, and then built it into an extremely funky version.  (LOVED it, and I’m still huming it today!) She also rocked the fuck out of Sweet Dreams and gave it a new edge which was very fresh.  I LOVE it when musicians take their staples and play with them a bit to make them a touch new and different for the audience!

Perhaps my favourite moment came during the song “Pavement Cracks”.  I was never overly fond of this song when it came out- but the way she performed it onstage was nothing short of awesome.  A slower intro- very soulful, and then a LOT of blues and “diva-ing” during the number.  However the BEST part was at the end as the keyboards were holding a sort of drone chord and she snapped on the heavy reverb effect and started riffing with the echo of herself.  She was creating these edgy jazz chords that just knocked me on my ear and chilled my spine.  Here’s a picture of the end of that moment:


I’m so glad the pic is halfway decent.  I think this sort of captures the true Diva moment of the show.

I will be purchasing her new album this weekend.  I will be making a playlist of Annie in iTunes (quite possibly mirroring the show).  And I WILL be breaking out the “Diva” CD for my car.  I had forgotten how truly wonderful it is.

Bravo, Annie.

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15 Responses to The Divine Miss “L”

  1. atari_age says:

    I envy you. I’ve always had a soft spot for Annie Lennox. Interestingly only when she went solo, though.

  2. Howard says:

    Nice. I saw her during the Bare tour in Boulder in a theater as small. It was one of the inspirational concerts I’ve ever been to. She had people on their feet to songs that hadn’t even been released in America yet. That’s how powerful her live performances are. Glad you enjoyed the show.

  3. Shirley! says:

    I’ve died a little inside.

    Annie is coming to Toronto next week and the show is completely sold out. Hell, the tickets sold out the day they were made available.

    I was even going to take a “partially blocked” view. But they sold out practically before my eyes.

    So glad you enjoyed it.

    I’ll just listen to SOMD all day and night, instead.

  4. voenixrising says:

    I hate you. I hope you know that. 😛

  5. Matt says:

    I’m in awe of her. And yeah, I hate you a little now, too. 😉

    Would love to see her perform. Thanks for the review. I think I’ll go looking for her new album this weekend, too. My birthday’s on Monday and she’ll remind me of being younger!

  6. atomicpop! says:

    state theater would be a most excellent venue to see her in… stunning pics.

  7. Rich says:

    Annie rocks! Thanks for the review, CB. Think I have to google her to see when she’ll be within flying distance.

  8. Jim says:

    Thanks for the set list.

    Her new album is fantastic! You will enjoy it.

    And thank you for your amazing recap of the wedding and reception.

    I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

  9. RG says:

    You suck and not in the good way. 🙂

  10. Scott says:

    Bastard! You never told us you had tickets to see Annie Lennox!
    cb, I hope you feel better now that you’ve made enemies of all your readers.

  11. Jason says:

    Lucky you!
    I love her.
    Her new album is on par with Diva, which means it rocks!

  12. JunkThief says:

    Diva’s don’t have to dance, swans do. Opening with Debussy is always a nice touch.

    Nice new banner flag. What’s the source?

  13. Christopher says:

    I’m so jealous!…yeah, I love the Diva CD too…check out “Bare” if you havent yet…almost as good as “Diva”….and I want to hate you as well, but the love is just too damn strong!

  14. Robert says:

    I was such a huge fan of the Eurythmics. I think I have almost everything, every track of theirs before their box set came out a few years back. I still love their music… Dave’s unique sound and Annie’s exquisite charisma.

    I loved Diva and Medusa… but then my love for her and her music faded. It just happened, but she will always have a special place in my heart. Great review and pictures!

  15. Bobby says:

    Great post – I have only just found this now. Annie Lennox rocks my world too. I haven’t seen her live though because she’s always so coy with British audiences, i.e. she never bloody tours here.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing.

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