Settling ln

This morning I made myself a tomato and gouda sandwich– with the tomatoes and herbed gouda cheese that I got from the farmer’s market yesterday.

It was one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever eaten.

I don’t think I can express how completely “at home” I feel here.  Its like a puzzle piece fell into place and suddenly the picture became clear.  I’m very happy and comfy so far.

After unpacking and storing and arranging, this is a pic of how my living space looks (click to embiggen):


I went to my local gay bar last night for the Bear Block Party Beer Bust.  Since I was still hanging a bit from Friday night’s drunkfest, I decided to do water instead.  And once again, at first I was shunned.  But then a nice group of older grizzlies came and chatted me up.

And a cute, tall, THICK guy stared a lot at me (and smiled) from across the tent— but he never approached.  Damnit!  Its HIS city- and he had two friends he was with.  I can’t just walk up to a GROUP and start chatting him up.

Geesh, I just moved here for Cripes Sake! Must I do ALL the work?

Oh, and its been raining for two days straight now and its like 60 degrees.  Quite a change from dry, 100 degree NC.  It would be nicer if it weren’t raining so I could ride my bike around and explore. But that will be next week!

OH!  and wish me good luck on Monday please!  My first day at my new job.

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11 Responses to Settling ln

  1. Your place is totally cute – I like the exposed brick – my first place here in Seattle had a great old exposed brick wall, which was very cool. Glad you are feeling at home, too – that is SOOOOO important. Your description makes me want to move there, except for the fact that I know the winters suck, and I am all about the sun and warmth (and thus Seattle, though it has mild winters by many standards, is getting old, too). Good luck at work – the first day is always the hardest, but everything will be fine – exciting!

  2. Donnie says:

    Love the place with all your stuff…looks very cozy and homey.

    Fingers crossed that you have a good first-day at work tomorrow!

  3. Jim says:

    Wow, now THAT is a bachelor pad! Warm and comfy, when are you going to have a sleepover for all your blog readers?

    We are dying to hear when your de-virginize your new pad.

    And I know I am a mainstream music fag and I get shunned by my indie friends, but I bequeath to you a song I think is fitting. “Boston” by Augustana is all about moving to a new place and starting a new life. Plus it has a very bouncy piano line.

    I often think of you when I listen to it. (But not in a pshyco, starkerish kind of way..)

    Cheers on the new place! Now when are you going to register for people to send you housewarming gifts?

    And did you ever think for a moment that the new job may have a mini-Jake for you to drool over?

  4. So cute! Love the brick and the really tall windows!

    Good luck on Monday!

  5. Jeff says:

    Nice to hear you’re settling in and loving it! Good luck tomorrow (but we all know you don’t need it).

  6. RG says:

    I bet you’re one of those people who can’t live in their new place until everything is unpacked and put away aren’t you?

    I glad you feel totally comfortable in your new place. My first place in Boston, also had exposed brick. An old brownstone – “garden” apartment.

  7. Kevin says:

    Love it. Glad you do too!

  8. signalite says:

    Give ’em hell, darlin’.

  9. Jason says:

    I’ve always liked a brick accent wall- very cool.
    Good luck with your first day at work!!

  10. Kev in NZ says:

    Good luck with the new appartment and the new city. Im so happy that you have arrived safely and seem to be enjoying it. As for the fact that there is a gay bar just one block away is awesome. Im sure you will continue to utilise it to its FULL potential!

    Wont it get cold in St Paul in winter….like very cold?! You need a hot bear to warm you up bro.

    Kev in NZ

  11. 9thwave says:

    ooh, you moved the blue couch to the other wall… that looks nice.

    and the tune boston by augustana is horrible.. lol sorry pampered queer.

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