Thrown for a Loop

I sorta met someone last night, and I am in a minor dither about it all.

My friend Frank (see posting of the same name– nice guy, tragic decorating) had game night. This is a fairly regular occurrence for us. And by “us” I mean a small group of gay guys that actually prefer having a night in playing games as opposed to going out to the bar and playing ‘games’.

This particular night, 10 gay guys decided that they would rather do the game night thing. Among them was a guy named Kevin. I’d actually met Kevin before at Frank’s tragic holiday tacky ornament party. Unfortunately Kevin was a bit ill that night and not feeling quite up to snuff. But I had made a significant enough of an impression on him at that time (with only 5 minutes of chatter or so) that he asked Frank to pass me his number — and basically check the ‘yes’ box on the note as to whether “i would like to go out sometime”.

I never called him.

And then he shows up at game night. Healthy and with some damn cute glasses on. Ok, so cute-nerdy look? Check.

We start playing games, and I discover he’s highly competitive-just like me. He started trash talking about being on the winning team EVERY time for the previous gamenight. Hmmm. And his clues during catch-phrase were very good. He had pop cultural knowledge, was speedy, got into the game, and was quick with answers when we played on the same teams. When we competed against each other, it was like a battle for who could give better clues to get his team to guess stuff.

My favorite point was where the dumb guy on his team was acting out clues for a charade portion of Cranium. I made the bold prediction beforehand that Kevin would be the one to guess the answer. The item in question? My Little Pony. The guy acting did a passable job,and sure enough Kevin got it.

But then I sort of amazed the group when they started asking about the themesong for My Little Pony, and I sang it for them. Evidently I’m the only one who knew the actual lyrics to the My Little Pony commercials. (yeah, I’m that gay).

Plays games and is competitive? Check. Smart and culturally literate? Check.

When I offered to get him a beer, I learn that he doesn’t drink at all.

Um… Uncheck.

Then during gamenight we had to turn on a small radio for Kevin, so he could listen to the Tarheels basketball game. He’s a HUGE tarheel fan. When I gave him shit about that, he stood up to me and would flip me off every time I cheered a Georgia Tech basket.

Likes sports? Check. Tarheel fan? UNCheck. Verbally spars and won’t take shit off me? BIG check.

Other things I learn about him. He has two degrees from UNC (hence the tarheel pride). One must be in business. He manages accounts and such for a fancy hotel in town affiliated with Duke university. But he is also flying down to florida in February to help manage a hotel property that is hosting the Dodgers for spring training. And while down there, he will be singing the National Anthem for one of the preseason games.

He also is a self-taught pianist.

Musical? Check. Good job? Check. Travels a bit. Uncheck.

He was invited to brunch with the group of us today, but he respectfully declined. He had to to go Church today. Baptist church.

Relatively big uncheck. But- doesn’t apologize for religious leanings. Check.

And then I discovered the biggest thing about him. He is a virgin. Girl virgin and GUY virgin. Still. At age 30 whatever.

Whoa. One of my cardinal rules (#3 actually) is “never break in a virgin”. I did it twice– both times it did not go well. It is just a recipe for disaster- or can be. This was a most distressing piece of information to learn. It would be so much easier if he were slightly inclined to whoredom- as I am. But no.

(sigh)…. Uncheck.

Even though I know that he is basically ‘off limits’ and a no-go, I find myself thinking about him a bit. At the end of the night I even asked if he might like to grab coffee sometime. He said sure, although he doesn’t drink coffee. He would drink water instead. Or hot cocoa.

Doesn’t drink coffee?? Uncheck.

What am I getting myself into?

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5 Responses to Thrown for a Loop

  1. Anonymous says:

    Having cocoa after a night of mediocre sex before church services does not sound like it can cut it. Definitely stick to being good friends at game night.

  2. Ray says:

    Hrm — well, he sounds charming. I guess what really matters is whether you enjoy being around him instead of focusing on things that *might* be a barrier.

    I think that is the fun, and tragic, part of dating.

    Instead of worrying about “breaking him in”, why not just think about seeing if he’s a nice guy?

    The rest will fall into place if need be.


  3. Donnie says:

    Wowzers! Kevin sounds like a wonderful guy….virginity and all.

    If nothing else, maybe you guys can become good friends.

  4. kevin says:

    Im an honest down to earth kind of kiwi. So im gonna put this bluntly

    ….you ready…..

    Drag him to bed and f++k him senseless. It will get him out of your system and it will be such bad sex that you wonder why you ever had any of these feelings for a right-wing, know it all virgin!
    Also you would have saved money by not wining and dining him for a few weeks!

    Straight talking never hurt anyone!

    Kev in NZ

  5. Lewis says:

    Nothing wrong with bedding down a church-going virgin. Done it before….see my posting Sex with the Saints in the Sheets from a few weeks back. Sounds like a great guy. Sometimes it’s very very strange how paths cross and journeys begin. Those with which we never thought we’d have anything to do with. Enjoy the ride, myfriend.

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