Listen to Jesus, Jimmy…

Last night I needed to see a fun movie, so I watched “Reefer Madness”.

Not the old, 1936 propaganda film (although that IS contained in my DVD)- I watched the new, Showtime produced, 2005 version. Let me just say right now that the movie is every bit as addictive as marijuana is protrayed to be.

I first decended into madness while at ‘blockbusted’. There it was in the sale rack. Beckoning to me with its saucy cover. How can I resist Alan Cumming, Ana Gasteyer (whom I went to college with), Christian and Neve Cambell, etc? It was like a siren’s song.

And it was only $7.99. So even if it sucked, at least I own it at a cost of only 3 extra dollars over rental fees.

As it turns out, it doesn’t suck. I WAS however, a bit skeptical after the first musical number “Reefer Madness”. It was over the top,but not ALL the way over the top. Kinda like, ‘We’re trying to be campy, but its falling just short of ‘funny’ camp.’ For a brief moment I had horrible flashbacks to my stint on the Gay and Lesbian film festival committee!

But by the next number “Romeo and Juliet” the movie hits its full stride and becomes completely addictive. The two lovebirds (Cambell and Bell) sing a lovey-dovey number about how they are going to be just like romeo and juliet and live happily ever after. They haven’t finished the play so they don’t know how it really ends.

Ana Gasteyer’s number about ‘The Stuff” is funny- especially when she hits the high point of the song with the lyrics “and RAPES ME!” It stops all activity on the street.

The best musical number by far is “Listen to Jesus, Jimmy”. It is completely irreverant and hysterical to watch. The guy playing jesus is incredible at it. He actually pulls off a sleezy vegas jesus!

There is also plenty of sexiness in the film. The first decents into madness by Campbell and Bell are marked by distinctly different sexual reactions to the weed. Cambell is seduced but resists as best he can, Bell turns into an S&M dominatrix.

In the end, the whole musical/movie becomes an excellent statement on propaganda and how the government tries to manipulate people with fear. Hmmm, kinda timely hun?

I highly recommend watching this at least once.

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1 Response to Listen to Jesus, Jimmy…

  1. Six Shooter says:

    I have the original soundtrack to the stage play … it’s a little different … (it’s the L.A. cast — where it started before they took it to NY).

    i thought they did a pretty good job with the movie too.

    Only 7.99? I may have to stop out and see if they have one here too.

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