Earrings: the continuing saga…

I’ve had some earring issues lately.

I got my ears pierced about 2 years ago. And by pierced, I mean, I had them done at a tattoo place where they use the needle, etc. I got captive bead rings put in at that time, and they stayed in.

Until last weekend.

Yup, I never removed them. Quite honestly, i was too nervous about it. Those little beads really snap into place and are a bugger to pop out. I was worried I’d tear my earlobe if I tried it.

So, last weekend I made the decision it was time for something a bit different. I went to another tattoo place, and got curved barbell earrings installed that had ‘spikes’ on the ends. The spikes unscrew and allow the earrings to be easily remove- a feature that appeals to one who hopes to go on job interviews soon.

The spike earrings looked great… for about a day until one of the spikes unscrewed itself from the hoop and is now gone forever. I think its probably somewhere out where I play volleyball. Talk about a pisser, as the things aren’t very cheap.

Unfortunately, this meant that I needed some kind of replacement. I will eventually drive down to Raleigh and get another freakin spike-end, but I needed something fast because I’m going back to the naked camp this weekend. So I jumped online and ordered me a new pair.

Or so I thought.

One can never have too many earrings, and since I now have removable options, I thought why the hell not? My new pair was to be a stainless steel combo- ball on one end, spike on the other. The package arrived yesterday and I tore greedily into it to find…

ONE earring.

FUCK FUCK FUCKITY FUCK FUCK! Foolish me was under the impression that earrings automatically came in pairs. But no. When you get these kind, evidently its all individually based.

My current earring count is now as follows:

one combo ball/spike earring
two curved barbells with three spikes
two captive bead rings

The only complete pair at this point is the captive bead pair. And because I leave town tonight, the only option was to reinstall the capitive beads.

Let me tell you, it took me over an hour of sweaty, grunting labor to get those fucking beads to snap back into place! I’m not joking. I think there’s probably a trick to it, but when you are trying to do it by feel with two hands and no tools, it takes some doing.

The tips of my thumbs are quite numb from pushing those damn little balls into the damn little hoops.

So- after all was said and done, I had roughly a week with sorta spike earrings, and now I’m back to the captive bead. About the only thing I learned from this experience is that I will be able to pop out the beads and remove my earrings if necessary.

And to get several spike ends, just in case of loss.

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2 Responses to Earrings: the continuing saga…

  1. snapperboy says:

    Yeah, I’ve had the same problem. It’s can be a real bitch. I have an assortment of PA rings each with one end piece missing. You stand at a urinal and hear the inevitable “ping” agains the porcelein only to find out the threaded bead at the end of the curved barbell is gone forever. Fuck.

    Love your blog, BTW,

  2. Six Shooter says:

    Have fun at camp. You’ll have to take me some day.

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