Pride 2006: A Saga

The above represent some pictures from Pride in Atlanta (2006). Kev and I had a good time with no fighting (or throwing of any boots or other objects across a room).

FRIDAY: We drove down to Atlanta in 100 degree teperatures- with Jack’s top down. (Jack is the name of my bright yellow and black Mini Cooper). Girls just want to have fun, I suppose, but the fun stopped when Kev started getting a sunburn. And I was serious about the 100 degrees. I watched the car temp indicator go up by degree increments and I would give Kev reports. “Its 96.” “98”. etc. Because of this, our taints sweated so much that the armorall from black, pleather seats had soaked into our shorts giving us a nice sheen. It was truly grody.

On the way down we were passed by some guys in a car and I thought they may have looked over. I said to Kevin, “You think they were gay and headed down for Pride?” He looked over at me and said, “Chris, there were four guys…………………. in an InFINiti!” The way he said the infiniti part (like its a gay car and I should know this) made me lose my shit for like 20 miles. And the rest of the weekend I used it — with varying lenght pauses— for comedic effect.

Turns out the guys WERE gay, and the guy driving was a guy Kevin is interested in and ended up sucking all sorts of face with at the Eagle on Saturday.

Our bootleg hotel — Day Inn— was really in the hood. Very cheap, but also very seedy. The lobby smelled of old cat litter and chinese food. The temperature difference between the lobby and the first floor was a minimum 20 degrees. All the ceiling tiles in our room were warped, etc.

Plus sides of the hotel included the attached waffle house (never used), the scary man who stood in his doorway drinking and staring at us, and the fact that the hotel was 2.5 miles from all of our destinations in Atlanta.

Friday night was Woofs and Heretic. Two bars that were really cool. Woofs is a sports bar for sports bears. VERY hot men inside, and very friendly. That’s where I met Walter (from NC) and coaxed him into coming to Heretic. He did and we made out furiously on the dance floor. I was quite trashy. Heretic is a dark, divey, dungeon of a dance bar but cool and dark and fun with good music. We had fun there, and that’s where Kev started his flirtation with Big Bry (guy from the Infiniti).

OH- there was a big wind storm that blew through Atlanta on Friday afternoon late. It took out the main stage at the park, where Kimberly Locke was set to perform. I think that the stage was taken out by Kimberly herself during a sound check, and the wind was merely blamed for this.

SATURDAY: Park day. We got up in good order and made it to Piedmont Park before noon. Spent 4 hours walking around the park, chatting, drinking, literature perusing, survey taking, and generally soaking up the rays. I tried to masturbate a blowup dog; Kev made out with a big inflatable lube bottle. It was a busy day. We were definitely thirsty spies by the end of the day (another scorcher!)

That night was the Eagle. Where I wore a harness. ANd an arm cuff. It was all very slutty and surreal. I’ll post some more pictures (maybe). I put in the picture of me from behind in the harness, which I believe is my best side as it does not involve my chest or stomach. The harness DID get me a lot of attention, and many many offers. And some suck face time with random strangers. And I may or may not have been invited to go home with a couple and their out of town ‘friend’ for a pool swim, a jacuzzi dip, and some fun. And I may or may not have accepted said offer (much to my chagrin).

Note about the Eagle. It started pouring rain about an hour before we left for the bar and didnn’t stop much the rest of the weekend. And it was heavy rain, too. We got soaked running from the car to the bar, but since I was only really wearing jeans, it didn’t much matter.

SUNDAY: Parade day. It dawned gloomily, and got worse. Basically the parade went on, but right before the start a HUGE bolt of lightning struck close to the route and the thunder was deafening. All the fags cheered of course. Then the rain started. FAT rain, a la Forrest Gump. Serious fat, heavy rain. Then it stopped for about the first 1/4 of the parade people. Then the sky opened up and it fucking poured. Of course DJs were playing ‘its raining men’ and everyone was dancing and just not giving a fuck at that point. It was insane. Kev got soaked and his cell phone died. And his shoes smelled like they died.

Sunday night was back to Woofs and the Eagle. Not as much fun for me (no harness this time) but Kevin did enjoy making out with a leather daddy and getting his leather pit smell on his fingers. OH, and then he made out with a redneck guy that wouldn’t give me the time of day. Boo, that whore!

I am thoroughly convinced that nobody talked to me on Sunday either because (a) they saw how whorish I was on Saturday or (b) I was wearing my glasses. And bears and leather guys don’t make passes at guys who wear glasses.

MONDAY: Back for home- in nothing but solid rain.

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2 Responses to Pride 2006: A Saga

  1. Brian says:

    Sounds like a wild, fun time. 🙂

  2. cb says:

    it was. a good time was had by all.

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